Di C. M. il 04/Gen/2024 :

    Titolo : Effective, delightful strain!
    Commenti : I really like the CBDV and its effects! I topped and LST-trained the plant in a 2-gallon bag. Before harvest, all of her colas were thick and only had a very mild scent of fuel when sniffing it up close, though it's scent was heavily citric on my fingers after handling the buds. The taste is deliciously spicy, much like her Durban Poison parent. While mild without the THC, I feel the effects of the terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant's diesel and Durban Poison genetics in that it gives me some focus and mood uplift, along with being more social and talkative (a good thing for me, lol), as well as a relaxing body tingle. I highly recommend this strain, thanks RQS!

    Di W. B. il 12/Dic/2023 :

    Titolo : Grow
    Commenti : It’s my first time ever growing cbd can anyone give me step by step and instructions

    Di R. D. il 28/Ago/2023 :

    Titolo : Perfect!
    Commenti : All went good from seedling to harvest! :)

    Di F. #. il 25/Ago/2023 :

    Titolo : TOP!
    Commenti : Sehr gut

    Di J. S. il 25/Ago/2023 :

    Titolo : Très bon!
    Commenti : Cette varieté est vraiment incroyable, j'aime le saveur et la croissance a été facile pour moi, avec pas d'experience

    Di L. V. il 19/Giu/2022 :

    Titolo : lau
    Commenti : bien germée

    Di C. M. il 30/Lug/2021 :

    Titolo : Christine
    Commenti : Les 3 graines ont poussé sans problèmes.. J'avais un peu peur je l'avoue.. Maintenant il est trop tôt pour récolter !!! Mais je suis ravie de mon achat

    Di T. T. il 11/Giu/2021 :

    Titolo : Exclusive
    Commenti : With the unique abilities of this strain and the quality of Royal Queen Seeds this is going to rock.

    Di S. H. il 08/Giu/2021 :

    Titolo : First time
    Commenti : All germinated, now waiting to see them grow - first fan leaves are here :-)

    Di A. C. il 17/Mag/2021 :

    Titolo : Mr andy
    Commenti : On verra ca

    Di H. L. il 07/Mag/2021 :

    Titolo : Mr v
    Commenti : Toutes enracinées !! Patience

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