Di N. J. il 15/Feb/2024 :

    Titolo : Cultiver respectueusement
    Commenti : Très bon rapport qualité prix, que du bonheur pour nos bébés.

    Di M. H. il 17/Ott/2023 :

    Titolo : Seaweed
    Commenti : I’ve just purchased this product and I’m very excited to use this when I start my next grow I’ve read all the reviews and I must say I’m very impressed I’ve been using royal queen seeds for years but decided to join the family permanently so I’ve ordered all the nutrients from royal queen seeds and can’t wait to see my babies florist I never use any other products again and less it’s royal queen seeds 👍

    Di D. P. il 11/Ago/2023 :

    Titolo : really good! enough for a very long time!
    Commenti : Very good Product!! My plants looked a bit sad till it came in the mail. After the first application as a tea / foliar spray which was bubbling for 24h, my plants started praying untill this moment and it seems like they grow much faster! This is worth full 5 Stars. Especially when growing materials are on sale the price is unbeatable. Thats also when i grabbed one to test and it came in very handy! Great price / performance. Thanks RQS! I will sure buy it again when the bag is nearly empty. :)

    Di G. E. il 26/Giu/2023 :

    Titolo : ******
    Commenti : Davvero un prodotto TOP a 6 stelle GTA

    Di B. Z. il 20/Marzo/2023 :

    Titolo : Bilbo B.
    Commenti : One of the must have products for organic farming! Thanks RQS and Team

    Di P. R. il 02/Marzo/2023 :

    Titolo : Master P
    Commenti : Moin, danke RQS für dieses erstklassische natürliche Düngungsergänzungadditive. Einfach mit ins Substrat geben. Vorsicht bei der Dosierung gerade in der Growphase, später in der Blütephase zeigt sich die geballte Algenpower. Danke RQS für dieses ergiebige Produkt in perfektem Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis

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