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 🫡 Memorial Day Sale - 25% OFF selected strains
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    Di C. C. il 30/Gen/2023 :

    Titolo : Showing great strenght
    Commenti : I have bought these seeds as a string base strain to begin my own crosses. I have germinated and have 6 out of 6 so far growing beautifully from a 10 pack. I can see the strenght of the regular genetics shining through with all the plants. They are growing vigourouly and holding the perfect shade of green. Haze me up baby!

    Di M. K. il 23/Gen/2023 :

    Titolo : Like Smuggling Guns😂🤣
    Commenti : Great seeds. All germinated 100%. Cannabis is illegal in Ireland😢 This is my first order and it felt like I was smuggling guns or human trafficking🔫. Not receiving awesome, miraculous plant seeds.😎🪖👍😎

    Di S. P. il 09/Gen/2023 :

    Titolo : Magical
    Commenti : It grows pretty fast and it's very strong when you use it. I'm very satisfied by this product.

    Di J. Z. il 03/Ago/2022 :

    Titolo : Perfect
    Commenti : Received quickly as always. Perfect!

    Di P. S. il 26/Giu/2022 :

    Titolo : Peppi
    Commenti : Beste Sorte. 100%Keimung. Ideal als Mutterpflanze… Stecklinge werfen das gleiche wie feminisierte Seeds ab… 100%top

    Di A. Z. il 19/Giu/2022 :

    Titolo : Okasi
    Commenti : Super Starke Überraschung wir haben Mitte Juni und der Sommer ist noch lang.... ich muss mir was einfallen lassen sie verdeckt zu halten. Überdüngung kennt sie nicht sie ist so mächtig geworden.... habe 2 Regulars eingepflanzt und eine von beiden zeigte ziemlich früh ihr weibliches Geschlecht.... Also was regulars angeht ist rqs wirklich top

    Di K. O. il 16/Mag/2022 :

    Titolo : Happy Consumer2
    Commenti : Just great . 100 Prozent Keimung u guter Wuchs . Jederzeit wieder . Danke RQS !

    Di J. K. il 18/Apr/2022 :

    Titolo : Jeff
    Commenti : Snelle levering ziet er goed uit

    Di M. M. il 26/Ago/2021 :

    Titolo : Happy customer
    Commenti : Speedy delivery.excellent quality as expected.

    Di G. J. il 10/Ago/2021 :

    Titolo : Perfect
    Commenti : Received quickly, exactly what I expected

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