Di S. E. il 09/Mag/2024 :

    Titolo : Northern "HOLY" Thunderfuck
    Commenti : I have not grown for many years and when I did, I never had anything like I have going now. I am trying to learn from my mistakes in the germination stage. Once past that, there is nothing really more for me to do except sit back and wait. I started with 3 200W lights from IVISII. I grew this one along with 2 F1 Hybrids. This plant has been growing what seems out of control, dwarfing the F1 hybrid. Let me tell ya the F1 is growing great and if not for this one in the middle, I would be happy to grow F1 all day long. It is near harvest and the buds are big, smelly, and sticky. But getting back to the NHT, it is Massive. At least 2x the size of my others. The stems are big and thick. Tall as well. The plant looks like a bush. I may need all the lights combined as it is near budding stage. I wish there was a way to post a picture here just to show you the size. I can't wait to see what the buds will turn out like. I am growing hydroponics for the 1st time ever. For being a rookie, I am feeling pretty proud of my girls. TY RQS

    Di J. L. il 09/Mag/2024 :

    Titolo : These ladies are fantastic!
    Commenti : I'm not a super experienced grower, this is maybe my fourth run of growing indoors. Most of the autoflowers I've grown (Diesel, Watermelon) end up leggy, no matter how much I play with the lights. And the Tyson 2.0 Sour D that I have in one tent is no exception. But my second tent has two North Thunderfuck Autos in it, and I am blown away at how compact and dense these things are. 4 weeks in, and they are only about 12-15 inches tall, but the internodal spacing is like 1 inch. It's so bushy and compact, and has been completely problem free aside from me having to do light trimming of fan leaves around the underside. Trimming aside, these are definitely as close to "sow and grow" as you're going to get as far as difficulty is concerned. I check on them maybe every 3 days or so, and I am always greeted with mountains of new growth and that fantastic smell. The stems are nice and strong, leaves are perky, and the smell is glorious. Super excited to try it out after it finishes up, but if the veg stage growth and vigor is any indication, the flower on this is going to be phenomenal, and it may become the seed I recommend to all the local first-time growers. Great stuff! Tents: 2'x4'x7', 4" duct fan for ventilation, 2x4 LED (ACInfinity) 18on/6off/1 hour fade in/out, 6" oscillating fan, growing in autopots, using Mills standard nutes on the medium feed schedule with distilled water, in coco-coir + perlite in about 60/40 mix.

    Di M. O. il 25/Apr/2024 :

    Titolo : Wonderful daily
    Commenti : Happily set myself up on this all day, smooth whole smoke leaving a refreshed satisfied feeling every toke. A pleasure to grow and very manageable throughout, will be revisiting this one.

    Di P. O. il 09/Apr/2024 :

    Titolo : Patryk
    Commenti : Very powerful strain when good treated 🥰🥰

    Di N. M. il 28/Feb/2024 :

    Titolo : Grew amazing
    Commenti : Great plants handle stress well amazing furity earthy pine tones

    Di M. M. il 19/Feb/2024 :

    Titolo : Germano
    Commenti : 10/10 !! Noch nie zuvor so viel Limette und Minze in einem Strain gerochen, absolut geflasht. Knappe 100g trocken bei 14l Erde. Leider nur eine von gehabt.

    Di M. S. il 14/Feb/2024 :

    Titolo : M.J.
    Commenti : Super Pflanzen, 3/3 gekeimt. Sehr guter Geruch und Wirkung.

    Di S. A. il 12/Feb/2024 :

    Titolo : Smallest But Strongest
    Commenti : Approx 20g per plant outdoor, the smallest yield I got from RQS autos, but the best effects out of them all!

    Di J. B. il 22/Gen/2024 :

    Titolo : Pleased so far
    Commenti : Northern TF seed was quick to sprout and the young plant is thriving.

    Di C. S. il 27/Dic/2023 :

    Titolo : First Grow w/Auto's
    Commenti : Bought 3 and only 2 germinated but I think that might have been my fault and not a bad seed. The two though are on day 62, looking and smelling amazing and they're starting to get their purple leaves. The beginning was a little rough, with overwatering and one feeding was a little heavy causing burn. Also a slight magnesium deficiency. They've taken everything like champs though and things seem to be going pretty good now. This is my second grow so I'm still learning. I can't wait until they're ready. I'm anxious to give them a try.

    Di D. J. il 12/Dic/2023 :

    Titolo : Grow these Gorgeous Praying ladies
    Commenti : Can I just say wow. These ladies germinated in 3 days. Grew vigorously and are smelling gorgeous. I am running 3 of them in 5 gallon pots with homemade organic super soil, in a 4x4 with 2 F1's (Orion and Titan) and a freebie critical auto I got months ago and still popped. They're about 3 weeks out from harvest, And have had no issues. These very fragrant (skunky) ladies leaves are constantly praying. Am patiently waiting to enjoy partaking.

    Di D. S. il 30/Ott/2023 :

    Titolo : Phinolagreen
    Commenti : Ich habe 1 Samen angesetzt und ist nach 24 Stunden gekeimt. Ich habe die zusammen mit 2 Triple G angebaut. Nach der 6 nodie wurden sie getoppt, so dass 10-12 Buds heranwachsen könnten. Nach 12 Wochen war der Grow abgeschlossen und sie hat mir 48g beschert. Insgesamt hatte ich bei 3 Pflanzen 160g raus bei 120w Licht. Danke an RQS, bin schon gespannt auf die feminisierte Sorte.

    Di S. B. il 03/Ott/2023 :

    Titolo : North thunderfuck
    Commenti : First time growing , these plants were super easy and very forgiving , also plenty of buds with a great smoke

    Di G. W. il 21/Sett/2023 :

    Titolo : Beautiful plant
    Commenti : 1st time indoor hydroponic grow. I'm in week 6 now, this plant is beautiful. You can tell she has great genetics. Can't wait to taste this one!

    Di T. B. il 12/Sett/2023 :

    Titolo : Herr
    Commenti : Solid train

    Di J. M. il 31/Ago/2023 :

    Titolo : Smooth nice flavour
    Commenti : Great high nice smooth taste

    Di L. S. il 23/Ago/2023 :

    Titolo : Took some time
    Commenti : Beautiful plants, I started 3 at the same time 1 finished in about 10 weeks. The other two well now I'm at about 110 days and 1 more is near ready. I'm looking at a big harvest nice buds and a good aroma all around a great strain.

    Di G. S. il 31/Lug/2023 :

    Titolo : Top Tier
    Commenti : I really liked how it turned out

    Di J. C. il 24/Lug/2023 :

    Titolo : Very strong strain
    Commenti : I love this strain . She grow very easy and unkomplicated , i got 110g on 10 litter pot with organic soil ans nutrients from biobizz . After dry and cure , this strain Kicks like a hell on head . Very good strain for people have problema to sleep . Just smoke one nice joint and you will Fall as sleep or walk high as hell .. Kicks very high on brain . Love this 🥰🥰

    Di N. D. il 21/Lug/2023 :

    Titolo : First time grower great crop
    Commenti : Thing grew like a champion for my first time growing cannabis, great smell and taste greatly impressed mt friends would deffinitely buy again!

    Di F. H. il 03/Lug/2023 :

    Titolo : energizer
    Commenti : very good

    Di F. P. il 03/Lug/2023 :

    Titolo : Good taste
    Commenti : Goo's taste and harvest

    Di R. V. il 26/Giu/2023 :

    Titolo : awesome
    Commenti : 3 out of 3 started germinated. looks really good already im in the first week now cant wait to see the final result.

    Di H. F. il 07/Giu/2023 :

    Titolo : North Thunderfuck Auto
    Commenti : Bastante boa e rende bem aconselho

    Di C. L. il 31/Mag/2023 :

    Titolo : Alex
    Commenti : 2/2 germination parfaite bon départ en outdoor à voir la suite...

    Di M. B. il 22/Mag/2023 :

    Titolo : 100% Keime
    Commenti : Mehr nach Zitrone Geschmack.

    Di T. S. il 02/Mag/2023 :

    Titolo : Smells like a citrus gusher
    Commenti : Grew ridiculously fast with a really sweet citrus aroma. All seeds popped and all grew 8 finger leafs the MTF is famous for. This is my first attempt since I was in school so I have very little experience and I could do no wrong with them. Maybe beginners luck. I highly recommend.

    Di M. M. il 26/Apr/2023 :

    Titolo : Thunder fuck!
    Commenti : Prima volta che la ordino crescita lenta outdoor ma dopo 12 settimane e’ pronta: profumi e sapori ok abbastanza creativa gradevole sapore in bocca

    Di M. P. il 25/Apr/2023 :

    Titolo : Se ve buena
    Commenti : Se ve buena pero a mi no me salió...

    Di M. S. il 20/Apr/2023 :

    Titolo : North Thunderfuck
    Commenti : Ho scelto questi semi per la mia prima esperienza, su 3 semi purtroppo uno non è germinato ma non importa, ci può stare. Gli altri sono alla 10 settimana, tante cime grassoccie quasi pronte per essere raccolte. Sono molto soddisfatto.

    Di Z. S. il 19/Apr/2023 :

    Titolo : Atomica
    Commenti : Ho piantato questi semi direttamente su terra e TUTTI hanno germinato, con le giuste attenzioni in due mesi dà delle cime di tutto rispetto per essere un autofiorente e gestisce abbastanza bene gli stress in vegetativa. Le cime una volta essiccate hanno quel tocco di high in più rispetto alle altre autofiorente. RQS TOP!

    Di M. H. il 17/Apr/2023 :

    Titolo : Nice smoke
    Commenti : grew and smoked well

    Di S. K. il 17/Apr/2023 :

    Titolo : Ka
    Commenti : Valeur sur, en plus d'un rendement incroyable

    Di F. #. il 21/Marzo/2023 :

    Titolo : Facile, veloce ma resa al di sotto delle aspettative.
    Commenti : Come da titolo: fast, Easy to grow but disappoined weight performance. Good taste.

    Di P. C. il 20/Marzo/2023 :

    Titolo : Sérieux
    Commenti : Commande reçue dans les délais. Je suis satisfait. À voir le résultat.

    Di V. N. il 16/Marzo/2023 :

    Titolo : NIce
    Commenti : Ok bud

    Di M. K. il 30/Gen/2023 :

    Titolo : Ernesto
    Commenti : Good and perfect !

    Di D. A. il 19/Gen/2023 :


    Di C. B. il 12/Gen/2023 :

    Titolo : Getting big
    Commenti : Coloquei a semente dia 26 na terra e até ao momento está a desenvolver muito bem.

    Di A. H. il 09/Gen/2023 :

    Titolo : My Fav so far from RQS
    Commenti : All seeds popped. Dense sticky buds. great flavor. nothing but 5 stars. THANK YOU!!! Tripple G is also the shizz 🚀

    Di F. C. il 04/Gen/2023 :

    Titolo : Thunder
    Commenti : Germination was slower compared to the other 3 varieties I have growing, Fat Banana, Stress Killer CBD and Fast Eddy CBD took 4 days to germinate while this one germinated after 10 days but its now going strong! Another one to add to my shelve of herbs and spices :)

    Di F. S. il 28/Dic/2022 :

    Titolo : Fab
    Commenti : Assez bien

    Di B. A. il 12/Dic/2022 :

    Titolo : Gute Keimung
    Commenti : 10 von 10 sind gekeimt. Guter Ertrag mit 9 Pflanzen auf 1m. 532g

    Di L. J. il 21/Nov/2022 :

    Titolo : Fr
    Commenti : 5/5 qui ont germé !

    Di M. R. il 21/Nov/2022 :

    Titolo : North Thunderfuck Automatic
    Commenti : Bardzo ciekawa odmiana. Mocno eteryczna i przede wszystkim smaczna :)

    Di B. H. il 18/Nov/2022 :

    Titolo : Gassy stench lol
    Commenti : Wow so this girl grew very strong from the start. Yields were not the greatest but I put that down to it being my first attempt at dry feeding and using organics plus fire time I used soil. Still yields were around 3 ounce dry. Anyway this really smells like gas. I have never smelt a strain like it tbh. At first I could get subtle hints of chocolate amongst others but after chopping and dropping I can honestly say it smells like the nord stream one exploded in my spare room 🤣🤣 I have just jarred her up so can't report on taste or effects yet. I'll be sure to return in a few weeks.

    Di C. B. il 16/Nov/2022 :

    Titolo : North thunderfuck Automatic
    Commenti : Amazing strian! The growth of the plant is amazing and it gives a good veg time for a big plant. Very strong plant agaisnt pests, so its a very good plant for an outdoor grow

    Di Á. B. il 14/Nov/2022 :

    Titolo : Adam
    Commenti : Nice seeds💯, everything as described😎✌️, I am satisfied👌

    Di S. R. il 10/Nov/2022 :

    Titolo : Outstanding!
    Commenti : These are growing beautifully with a noticeable difference every day! Not sure what to buy.... buy these and be happy :)

    Di D. D. il 02/Nov/2022 :

    Titolo : Thunderfockers
    Commenti : I'm ready to start these girls' adventure. the seeds have finally arrived and everything is ready to go.

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