Di L. S. il 24/Mag/2024 :

    Titolo : MF
    Commenti : Keimrate 100 % Top!

    Di M. K. il 24/Mag/2024 :

    Titolo : Super
    Commenti : Wächst wie verrückt und duftet schon im Wachstum sehr gut, freue mich schon

    Di S. R. il 20/Mag/2024 :

    Titolo : Beebaap
    Commenti : 3 bestellt 3 gekeimt Mal sehen wo die Reise hingeht. Bis hierher sehr zufrieden, einfache Abwicklung und schnelle Lieferung. Ein Kritikpunkt gibt es jedoch, es gibt keinerlei Kontrolle ob der Empfänger auch wirklich 18 Jahre alt ist.

    Di H. P. il 09/Mag/2024 :

    Titolo : Sehr zu empfehlen.
    Commenti : Alle Samen sind was geworden. Sehr lecker uns echt Stark :-)

    Di P. T. il 09/Mag/2024 :

    Titolo : Timbo
    Commenti : Top! Von 3 Samen sind 3 gekeimt!

    Di M. M. il 25/Apr/2024 :

    Titolo : Schrami
    Commenti : Super schnelle Lieferung, von den 3 Samen Sind alle gut gekommen und wachsen und gedeihen 👍

    Di D. U. il 25/Apr/2024 :

    Titolo : Herr
    Commenti : Unglaublich Potent

    Di T. S. il 25/Apr/2024 :

    Titolo : Mr. B
    Commenti : A1

    Di J. C. il 25/Apr/2024 :

    Titolo : X-stong
    Commenti : Germogliare 10/10. Non una grandissima resa ma un effetto devastante.....pura dinamite

    Di S. R. il 13/Apr/2024 :

    Titolo : good
    Commenti : preso 5 semi tutti germogliati e ben in forma

    Di H. K. il 09/Apr/2024 :

    Titolo : Sehr keimfreudig, robust und "hungrig"!
    Commenti : Alle Samen waren sehr keimfreudig. Bereits 28 Tage nach der Aussaat habe ich sie in die Blüte geschickt. Zurzeit befinden sich Pflanzen am Ende der 6. Blütewoche. Dabei haben sie sich um satte 200%+ gestreckt. Die Phänotypen sind recht variabel. Die Pflanzen haben einen recht großen Hunger. Außer mit Lollipopping habe ich die Pflanzen nicht in ihrem Wachstum manipuliert. Darum haben sich inzwischen sehr schöne Dolden an den nicht wenigen seitlichen Ästen und eine recht große zentrale Cola entwickelt, über und über mit Trichomen belegt, sodass es nun schon so aussieht, als wären die Buds mit Puderzucker bestäubt. So etwas habe ich in dieser Form noch nicht erlebt. Die Aromen, die sich jetzt schon recht intensiv bemerkbar machen, geben den Pflanzen zu Recht ihren Namen. Ich freue mich nun schon auf die ersten Rauchproben.

    Di T. S. il 03/Apr/2024 :

    Titolo : Tim
    Commenti : Sehr starke Wirkung! Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen.

    Di A. P. il 03/Apr/2024 :

    Titolo : :)
    Commenti : Best seed I‘ve ever tried

    Di D. F. il 27/Marzo/2024 :

    Titolo : gogolava420
    Commenti : 100% Keimrate, alles super!

    Di P. A. il 27/Marzo/2024 :

    Titolo : Great bid buds loaded with flavor!
    Commenti : This is a great strain! Results were amazing! Flavor and potency both excellent! Two plants in tent yielded nearly 10 oz after trimming.

    Di A. B. il 21/Marzo/2024 :

    Titolo : best seed ever
    Commenti : I'm only gonna grow these after this tbh

    Di M. K. il 18/Marzo/2024 :

    Titolo : Big love
    Commenti : Super geiles Produkt. Ich bin sehr zufrieden

    Di J. B. il 14/Marzo/2024 :

    Titolo : Good yiel
    Commenti : Good bud

    Di J. B. il 07/Marzo/2024 :

    Titolo : Cookies gelato
    Commenti : Top quality

    Di D. K. il 29/Feb/2024 :

    Titolo : Boom biddy bye bye
    Commenti : Ein wahnsinns Strain, potent widerstandsfähig, lecker und extrem stark. Sehr zu empfehlen.

    Di F. M. il 28/Feb/2024 :

    Titolo : M.M.
    Commenti : Easy to grow and good yield :) very happy with it!

    Di B. S. il 28/Feb/2024 :

    Titolo : masta
    Commenti : au top! pousse facilement, bon rendement et très efficace

    Di J. S. il 26/Feb/2024 :

    Titolo : France
    Commenti : super a délicieux variétés

    Di L. D. il 19/Feb/2024 :

    Titolo : D.L.
    Commenti : The plant, its growth, the smell and the yield are AMAZING! Also take care with mould, harvest sooner if the little leaves turn brown and dry to prevent any losses! Still great quality buds! Thanks RQS!

    Di C. V. il 16/Feb/2024 :

    Titolo : Anoniem
    Commenti : Really strong, not for beginners, but seasoned smokers will love it! One of my favourite strains ever, Thank you RQS

    Di D. H. il 09/Feb/2024 :

    Titolo : Best Trichome Production
    Commenti : The buds on this plant are incredible. Royal Queen would definitely want to use my pics for promo. The smell of this strain is also incredibly strong so prepare for that for indoor camping.

    Di L. D. il 02/Feb/2024 :

    Titolo : Azz
    Commenti : Excellent et incroyable récolte, 130g avec 100 w et 1 seul graine , j'ai jamais goûter un truc pareil de toute ma vie

    Di D. F. il 02/Feb/2024 :

    Titolo : Dennis
    Commenti : Super Ertrag und Geschmacklich dem Namen würdig. Sehr starke Sorte. Hab sie extra etwas überreifen lassen damit sie etwas Thc abbaut, hat mich aber trotzdem umgehauen. Für intensive Raucher sicherlich die richtige Wahl. Für Gelegenheitsraucher jedoch vollkommen überzüchtet.

    Di I. S. il 26/Gen/2024 :

    Titolo : Tasty
    Commenti : This strain is very tasty, likes led, my output was 40 dry grams per plant using 300w led. Earthy flavor ❤️

    Di J. B. il 25/Gen/2024 :

    Titolo : Easy
    Commenti : Easy to grow nice flavor

    Di R. L. il 24/Gen/2024 :

    Titolo : Love it!
    Commenti : Some of the best weed on earth. Btw very good customer service and fast shipping. Will def use again!

    Di H. V. il 15/Gen/2024 :

    Titolo : Zeer lekker
    Commenti : Mooie wiet met lekkere smaak en sterke effecten

    Di L. C. il 09/Gen/2024 :

    Titolo : Cookies Gelato
    Commenti : Love this strain. Easy to grow, I harvested over 4 oz. per plant of this beauty. One of my favorites of all the RQS line. I will never run out of this one.

    Di R. N. il 05/Gen/2024 :

    Titolo : Me
    Commenti : Great! Personal favorite. Does as promised. Buds up to 9 grams

    Di S. J. il 04/Gen/2024 :

    Titolo : Good
    Commenti : Good flavor and great yield

    Di J. L. il 27/Dic/2023 :

    Titolo : Mrx
    Commenti : Belle plante avec un goût de bonbon herbacé sucré qui t'envoie direct dans l'espace ;)

    Di A. C. il 12/Dic/2023 :

    Titolo : great
    Commenti : I love it. Great effects and good amount of product. good quality seeds

    Di P. J. il 12/Dic/2023 :

    Titolo : JP
    Commenti : Correspond parfaitement à mes attentes

    Di H. E. il 28/Nov/2023 :

    Titolo : Very nice
    Commenti : I’m from iran and I’m a have been a farmer for 4years and i bought a different seeeds, but this and blue cheese is very very amazing.

    Di M. C. il 24/Nov/2023 :

    Titolo : Super lecker leicht zu bauen
    Commenti : Sehr tolle Sorte sehr kompakte Knollen

    Di T. G. il 24/Nov/2023 :

    Titolo : Mr Mighty Mezz
    Commenti : Supers graines pas forcément pour les débutants car demandent de l'entretien. Mais résultat spectaculaire ! Très agréable et puissante ensuite

    Di C. C. il 20/Nov/2023 :

    Titolo : Cookies gelato
    Commenti : Delicious treat

    Di M. M. il 09/Nov/2023 :

    Titolo : Geiles weed
    Commenti : 5/5 😋😃 She Likes LST. Topping and Mainlining is allowed too. Will be best Results. the taste is amazing.

    Di O. P. il 06/Nov/2023 :

    Titolo : Cookies gelato, TOP PRODUCT
    Commenti : Love this strain!

    Di D. B. il 02/Nov/2023 :

    Titolo : Geht in den Kopf
    Commenti : Anbau wie meist ohne Probleme. Ergebnis top. Ist was zum abschalten und geht in den kopf

    Di G. S. il 24/Ott/2023 :

    Titolo : excellent hybrid
    Commenti : High thc, average lasting effects and a functional high when harvested milky. Kept 1 as a mom and flowered her after the clones had grown, trained and were 1 month in veg. She was already 3 months old! the outcome was nice, small but heavy buds, just like the feeling you get. Escalating slowly but going heavy after a few tokes. Resistant in pests, low temps, over/under watering, generally a vigorous plant. The other 2 seeds were almost the same, one was more resinous than the others but it's always a good plus to have! Definitely will grow her again at some point in the future. GJ on this one RQS!

    Di K. E. il 13/Ott/2023 :

    Titolo : Very surprised
    Commenti : Cookies gelato started as something I accidentally ordered I was planning all autos. But that being said I'm so glad planted late in growing season just decided to put her in a extra bucket I had ff soil I figured since I had 3 seeds I could lose on put it in the soil thinking all along there's no way it could do much from mid July to Oct but it shot up to almost 6ft in no time I mean it blowed my mind started preflowering last week in August I started thinking it's not going to make it to finish before frost and the cold so I started banana peel tea with molasses mixed in and I started seeing the nugz getting bigger and fatter seemed like everyday I harvested Oct 7th tricombes just about 30 % amber I didn't top it because I really thought it may shock it being so late it's hanging dying now but it has such tight buds and the smell is unreal this is going to be one of my proudest grows it shows me Royal Queen Seeds has great genetics and over 30yrs of growing I would have never thought it would finish its definitely made my seed bank choice and I have tried many over the years Royal Queen Seeds will be my last one I will purchase from them faithfully I'm guessing without topping rough yeid with half season my mistake order with my autos will end up around 350 to400 grams dryed cured bud that's rough est but can't wait till next season have the two photo Cookies Gelato and will plant early not late and definitely top both cant wait makes a old time grower excited to get to growing and now legal in Virginia don't have to worry about growing monsters now no helos flying every fall taking a all summer worth of work

    Di S. V. il 09/Ott/2023 :

    Titolo : Topper
    Commenti : 25/25 geweldige smaak en opbrengst

    Di A. S. il 05/Ott/2023 :

    Titolo : Top
    Commenti : Top

    Di S. B. il 22/Sett/2023 :

    Titolo : nice
    Commenti : best

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