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Questo e’ il mix perfetto di eccellenti ceppi auto fiorenti  selezionati per coloro che intendono coltivare ma che non sanno bene quali ceppi auto fiorenti scegliere. Si tratta di un pacchetto misto con una selezione dei nostri ceppi originali e auto fiorenti. 
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Questo e’ il mix perfetto di eccellenti ceppi auto fiorenti  selezionati per coloro che intendono coltivare ma che non sanno bene quali ceppi auto fiorenti scegliere.

Si tratta di un pacchetto misto con una selezione dei nostri ceppi originali e auto fiorenti. Tutte le varietà sono auto fiorenti e sono tutte femminilizzate. Visto che tutte le varietà sono auto fiorenti il periodo dell’anno o la luce non costituiscono un problema. Si possono piantare e crescono quasi dappertutto,  e quasi in ogni periodo dell’anno. E’ possibile ottenere raccolti multipli all’aperto anche nel giro di una stagione. Tutte queste varietà sono adatte per essere coltivate anche  in appartamento.

La combinazione di caratteristiche di alcuni dei nostri ibridi auto fiorenti sono racchiuse nelle seguenti varieta’ – Royal Jack Automatic, Royal Kush Automatic e la Royal Bluematic. Queste varieta’ fanno tutte parte dei ceppi classici auto fiorenti, conosciuti e amati in tutto il mondo.
La Royal Bluematic sarà pronta per essere raccolta nel giro di 8 – 9 settimane. La Royal Ak Automatic e la Royal Bluematic ci impiegheranno un po’ di più, intorno alle 9 – 10 settimane.

Riceverete anche alcuni dei nostri ceppi classici auto fiorenti – Royal Dwarf, Easy Bud, Quick One e Royal kush Automatic.  Questi sono stati alcuni dei primi ceppi auto fiorenti usciti sul mercato. Queste auoto fiorenti sono divenute ben presto le favorite fra i vari coltivatori. Tutte queste varietà saranno pronte per essere raccolte entro le 8 – 9 settimane dal momento della semina. 

Se intendete provare ceppi differenti auto fiorenti con una svariata gamma di effetti e sapori, allora vi consigliamo di provare la nostra “Autoflowering Outdoor Mix”, che tra l’altro vi consentira’ il raccolto in meno di 10 settimane.

Per ulteriori informazioni  e dettagli riguardo a ciascuna varieta’, vi rimandiamo alla nostra pagina.

Autoflowering Mix Pack

3 Seed RQS Autoflowering Mix5 Seed RQS Autoflowering Mix


    By R. B. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By T. L. on 24/Lug/2017 :

    Title : livraison
    Comment : reçu la commande rapidement et discrètement.emballage soignée.,tout simplement content,3 graines et tout commence bien...

    By L. B. on 18/Lug/2017 :

    Title : Top
    Comment : Habe 5 Samen + 1 Samen geschenkt bekommen alle 6 sind gekeimt. Top gerne wieder.

    By L. G. on 03/Lug/2017 :

    Title : bad seeds
    Comment : I received three types of seeds such as Royal Kush Automatic, Diesel Automatic and Quick One. The Royal Kush seed didn't germinate at all, the Diesel Automatic did germinate then grow for few days and died for no reason. It has been three weeks since the germination of the Quick One but it still look like a midget version of a plant, with tiny leaves, no internodes and a weak stem. All the process has been the same I'm using in years of harvests, so.....

    By F. B. on 03/Lug/2017 :

    Title : Fast delivery.
    Comment : Fast and discreet delivery. The packaging and the product are intact. The product is a gift, so I can not write more about it. But the next order will be my own, I can write more ... Thanks!

    By L. E. on 29/Giu/2017 :

    Title : Good selection.
    Comment : Bought these and every single one sprouted and are growing nicely.

    By P. S. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By J. S. on 19/Giu/2017 :

    Title : 2 out of 3 germinated
    Comment : Only 2 out of 3 germinaed

    By G. M. on 16/Giu/2017 :

    Title : Unpredictable genetics
    Comment : I got the five autoflower mix, and had another packet of ten auto Royal Kush, of which I popped five. Of the 10 seeds only 9 germinated (previous success rate with RQS was 100%). All were grown with the same substrate (3 gallon / 15L coco fiber in fabric/smartpots,) shared the same irrigation system (Blumat,) and obviously under the same lighting (actual 1000W COB LED at 18/6.) One of the auto Kush plants pretty much skipped veg and went straight into flower, developing only a single, pathetic cola. The Royal Jack auto on the other hand simply never flowered - and did crazy stretching in the indoor grow tent blocking the light for other plants. The other plants did between good and great, though I expected far more homogeneity between the Kush seeds. The difference between the first plant to be ready to crop (excluding that super-early Kush) and the last is of 18 days, and the inter-node length variance also caused plenty of trouble with positioning the lights. Bottom line: 90% germination rate, effectively only 70%, and I wish it was actually only 70% because that would have saved me the troubles I got from the two which went crazy in opposite ways. The remaining 70% did well, but also provided troubles of their own. Granted, I'm an amateur grower (this being only my 5th grow), but up to now my troubles with growing were related to me. This time I'm quite certain it was the genetics. I have 10 other autoflower seeds by RQS I was planning on popping for the next cycle, but am now reconsidering. To be clear, it's not the cost of the seeds or the missed potential that irks me -- it's my time and effort that went to waste.

    By P. H. on 12/Giu/2017 :

    Title : First timer
    Comment : Happy with the service and discrete package. Quick to germinate

    By J. F. on 06/Giu/2017 :

    Title : Good stuff
    Comment : It grow very well Good choice for beginners.

    By L. P. on 05/Giu/2017 :

    Title : Terrible
    Comment : I got 5 seeds, 4 tried to germinate only 1 germinated :/ 1/5

    By L. B. on 19/Mag/2017 :

    Title : Matt
    Comment : I was surprised how fast was delivery, nice package with lot of presents, seeds are ok, all of them has germinated, so lets see :)

    By J. S. on 18/Mag/2017 :

    Title : Gute Qualität der Samen
    Comment : Von 20 seeds sind alle schnell gekeimt und alle sind weiblich gewesen ich werde wieder bei royalqueens kaufen

    By T. G. on 12/Mag/2017 :

    Title : bien
    Comment : Livraison rapide, colis discret. bonne qualité des graines.

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