1: Skyrim
Skyrim is a place of the gods when you're high as a kite. It's such an elaborate, intricately detailed world filled with such amazing sights and such beautiful melodies. Of course you should light one up and spend 30 minutes staring at the ripples on a lake.
Skyrim best cannabis game
2: League of Legends
League of Legends is great because it's a multiplayer game where you can troll entire scores of strangers with your idiotic, weed-fueled decisions. Pointless roaming during a team mission? Sure! Killing yourself over and over after picking a jungle champ? Heehee. With every failed quest, you can bask in the knowledge that there's some guy in Nantucket who absolutely hates you.
League of Legands cannabis game
3: Plants vs. Zombies
This game takes on a surreal edge when you're stoned. You have a little patch of garden, and it's all that stands between you and an oncoming zombie horde, and every plant has a face. Why do they have faces? What's going on there? Are plants sentient? Are we sentient? Oh, God, are we even alive at all?
Plants vs Zombies game cannabis
4: GTA V
GTA V is one of those games that you can play for hours even when you're completely cognizant, but throw a little weed in the mix and entire days will slip by while you beat up strangers and run over hookers. Sunlight? What's that? You can waterboard a guy and watch him twitch! Free-roaming worlds are terrible time-suckers when you're high.
Grand Theft Auto Five Cannabis Game
5: Skate
Skate is a deceptively simple game. There are no missions, no objectives, no screaming prostitutes. You just skate. Sometimes you fall off the board or slam yourself into something while twisted in strange ollie positions and laughing hysterically. It works.
skate cannabis game
6: Botanicula
Another game that's absolutely mesmerizing when you're high, Botanicula is filled with soft, dreamy landscapes and big-eyed creatures with names like Mr. Poppyhead and Mrs. Mushroom. If you weren't high when you started, you'll probably be high when you finish.
Botanicula cannabis game
7: CounterStrike
CounterStrike is a game where you have to make split second tactical decisions in order to win the round for your team, which is awesome. We've also heard that it's extremely satisfying to blow someone's head off and then take a hit. Combine that with good and exciting team play with a community full of cannabis lovers. How else to spend your rainy Sunday afternoon?
counter strike cannabis game
8: Mario Kart
Smoke a bowl before Mario Kart to turn every race into something beautiful and brilliant. For example, Mario driving upside down with anti-gravity mechanics is cool enough during a regular race, but pepper the experience with grass for hilarity and an absolutely out-of-this-world feeling.
Mario Kart cannabis game
9: Outlast
Set in a mental hospital filled with dark corridors and crazed patients just waiting to jump out of the shadows and bite off your face, Outlast is a terrible to game to play while high, and by terrible we mean awesome. There's no way to prepare yourself for the jump scares when you're stoned, meaning that every surprise will make you feel like you're really running for your life in Bedlam.
Outlast cannabis game
10: Conker: Live & Reloaded
There's nothing like a sh**-talking squirrel with a machine gun to keep you entertained for hours. Honestly, you don't even need a joint to appreciate Conker. It just makes the experience more hysterical.
Conker Live and Reloaded cannabis game
These are a few of the best games to play while high. There are plenty more, of course, but if we listed them all, we wouldn't have time to smoke. Feel free to sound off in the comments bellow if we missed your favorite game, though.


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